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Stay true to your saving intentions by using Money Lockup to hide your cash just out of reach.

Stash your money in physical locations and access it only when you get there.


Click on 'Transfer' and your savings will be sent to your bank account.

Select a physical location and top it up with an amount that you wish to save.

How does it work? Simple!



Visit the location, any time you want to unlock your savings.

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For Motivation

Why do others use it?

"I'm going to Lockup £150 per month at Heathrow Airport for a very special trip to Hawaii."

- Charmaine, London

For Resisting Temptation

"I'll place mine safely in my local brunch spots and pub - For a pint and to have fun with!"

- Olivia, London

"I will place the Lockup at least 2 tubes changes away from me - as I want it to be a hassle."

- Steve, London

For Fun

The creators of the UK's #1 budgeting and saving app.

Made By Squirrel

To guarantee your safety.

FCA Regulated

Is Your Money Secure?

Bank Level Security

Underneath the app. Your money is held in an account in your name at Barclays.

We use 256-bit bank grade encryption to ensure you are safe.

Held in your name

You bet it is!

Your money is held in your name in a Barclays bank account. It remains yours at all time, Money Lockup just moves money for you when you need us to.

So, what next?

Squirrel will commit to releasing MoneyLockup only once 10,000 people commit to using the app. 

Join the waiting list and be amongst the first to use the app. 


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